Letter to the Reader


Hi Folks

Let me introduce myself. Most important things first. I am extremely intelligent. I’m a professor, I have a PhD, I wrote a fancy dissertation, I’ve published papers and I’ve read and written many deep and terrible thoughts that should intimidate you. Also I was kicked out of CSU San Diego for failing a class called, “Biology: World of Animals.” It took me close to eight years to finish my Bachelors degree, and without spell check I would have spelled Bachelors wrong. My undergrad GPA was 3.0000000000001, and it took every A I could muster in my last two years to overcome the many D’s on my transcript.

Kincaid pic

The point is that people who go to graduate school are just people, they are not all brilliant geniuses who constantly think deep thoughts, they do not all ace every class, and they most certainly don’t know everything. People who go to graduate school are just people who stayed in school even when the school was trying to give them hints to get lost. Sometimes the hints were, “here, have a degree…” and sometimes the hints were an F in a bio class that I’m pretty sure was filled with relatively bright 9th graders. Either way, if you go to grad school, it has less to do with how amazingly smart you are, and much more to do with how amazingly stubborn you can be. Getting into grad school is an exercise in being a stubborn bastard, staying in classes, fighting through discomfort, ignoring negative voices, and staying until they are forced to give you a damn degree.

In other words, grad school is for you, whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever your GPA is, you can do it. If you can relate to any of the above, or just feel intimidated, confused or completely lost when thinking about college, graduate school and life after, then this website is for you. Over time this site will fill up with insights, experiences, tricks, tips and information about graduate school, specifically from the perspective of those of us who were the first person in our family to go to college.

I hope you find something useful here, something inspiring, and maybe something funny. But more than anything, know this, you can go to fucking graduate school. You can get a fucking Masters degree, a PhD, a teaching certificate, a MSW or any other damn grad degree you want, and don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t.

Prof Kincaid